Jet Engine

- Mar 21, 2019-

Jet engine

A jet engine is an engine that directly generates a reaction thrust by a high-speed jet of air from a nozzle. Widely used as a power unit for aircraft. The fuel and oxidant react chemically in the combustion chamber to release heat. The heat is then converted into a function of adjusting the gas flow in the nozzle. In addition to fuel, oxidants are carried by aircraft called rocket engines, including solid fuel rocket engines and liquid fuel rocket engines. It is characterized by its ability to work outside the atmosphere. An air jet engine that does not carry oxidant to draw air from the atmosphere as an oxidant, including ramjets, pulse engines, turbojets, and turbofan engines. The air jet engine that is most used on modern air transport aircraft is the turbofan engine. It features large thrust, low noise and low fuel consumption.