Judging Method Of Piston Knocking Cylinder

- Jun 12, 2019-

Judging method of piston knocking cylinder

(1) Oil is cut off by cylinder. Take the method of cylinder-by-cylinder oil cut to determine the position of the knocking cylinder. If the oil is cut to a certain cylinder, the sound will obviously decrease or disappear, and when the oil supply is restored, a clear “click” sound will be heard, indicating that the cylinder The piston knocks on the cylinder.

(2) In order to further confirm that the cylinder piston is knocked, the injector of the cylinder can be removed, a small amount of CD-grade supercharged oil is added to the cylinder (to seal), the injector is installed, and the engine is started. The knocking sound disappears or weakens. After the operation, the knocking sound reappears, and the piston of the cylinder is undoubtedly knocked.