Kisho Glass Coating Is Not Only Used For Paint

- Jul 17, 2018-

Kisho glass coating is not only used for paint

What Else Can be Coated?

It is important to note that paint is not the only area of the car that can be coated. The products are beneficial to more than just paid and can be applied to various areas of the car.

Exterior Trim

Protecting the exterior trim from UV damage and yellowing will help extend the life of the plastic, unpainted panels, and plastic headlights. Most coatings protect for 6 months.

Exterior Glass

Applying coating to the glass on your vehicle will repel both water and dirt from its surface. As an added benefit, it improves vision and reduces contaminants from sticking to its surface.


The benefit of coating the face of the wheel is that it limits the upkeep needed, especially for wheels with intricate designs.