KISHO Glass Coating Is The Harder The Better?

- Mar 02, 2018-

For the paint surface, only have a certain degree of hardness, will have the ability to resist physical damage. For the bottom of the paint, only with a certain degree of hardness, the filling of the paint will have to enhance the role of strength, the grassroots will be more reliable.

However, Glass Coating is the harder the better?

High hardness of the glass coating in practice proved very brittle, the attachment time is short, easy to break. As a result of the heat, the paint moves and the crystal breaks quickly due to particle collisions, just like embrittlement.


The hardness of all glass coating is not as high as possible,KISHO Si-701 multifunction glass coating,100% inorganic silicon coating agent,Hardness above 6H,The Japan Paint Association test proved.