KISHO Glass Coating Product Professional Test

- Apr 03, 2019-

I just heard a US customer tell me that our KISHO products are being promoted locally as low-priced products and low-quality products.

Then I want to say that this kind of propaganda is false! Because the person who said this did not test our KISHO products at all. This is an extremely irresponsible statement (I don't want to disclose the name of this person here because I don't want to do anything for such people).

Of course, anyone can have the right to express their own ideas, but it is abhorrent to disrespect the facts! impolite!

Therefore, our KISHO official notice, any professional can apply for our KISHO samples (shipping is paid by you), welcome professionals to test and evaluate our KISHO products. Our products stand the test of the market and can withstand the comparison of any products. Of course, the price of our products is also very advantageous, because we are factories, we hope that the owners of the world can use our KISHO products to put themselves The car protection is very beautiful and very valuable. This is a very glorious moment.

So, please come to me to apply for a sample test.

The following picture is also sent by the customer. This is the real test result. There are several products of our KISHO on the test board. This is a professional evaluation, not a video produced by ourselves. Please believe in our products, believe in your own eyes, believe in your own judgment!