KISHO Take You To Resolve Multi-layer Plating Superimposed

- Feb 27, 2018-

Recently there are many people that some brands of coating products can be constructed 17-18 layers. The purpose is to pursue better scratch resistance and longer service life. Here I just want to say, this is a marketing strategy is a way of selling. Not reflect the quality of the product standards.

How to evaluate the quality of a product, not to see how many layers of the product can be constructed, but to consider the characteristics of the product, from the brightness, hardness, durability, water splash effect above point of view.

Instead of blindly pursuing the effect of multiple layers. This is meaningless.

Because a layer of product can make the paint become smooth, the construction of 2-3 layers can fully show a very good splash effect, the brightness has a certain thickness. The product itself is very smooth, multi-layer products can not be left in the coating above.

Admittedly, multi-layered products do have a better protective effect, but layers 17-18 are too exaggerated to meet the product's features and rules. This does not meet the actual sales methods, there will be no good results.