Long Arc Xenon Lamp Use Precautions

- Apr 27, 2019-

Long arc xenon lamp use precautions

1. Before use, use gauze and alcohol to wipe off the fingerprint and oil on the surface of the lamp to prevent the quartz glass bulb from devitrifying.

2. The lamp should be equipped with a corresponding trigger. Because it is a high-frequency high-voltage start, the high-voltage end should have good insulation to the ground, and the compressive strength should exceed 30KV.

3. The lead wire of the trigger and the lamp tube should be within 5 meters, and the installation height should be appropriate. Since the lead wire must pass a large current, a copper wire of 10 mm or more should be used, and the joint must be firmly fixed and the contact is good.

4. The water-cooled xenon lamp should use distilled water. There must be no air bubbles in the pipe sleeve before the lamp is ignited. After the ignition, the water temperature of the lamp outlet should not exceed 60 °C.