Long Arc Xenon Lamp Working Principle

- May 03, 2019-

Long arc xenon lamp working principle

The long arc xenon lamp is a xenon lamp filled with a suitable amount of high-purity helium gas in a tubular quartz bulb and a tantalum tungsten, tantalum tungsten or tantalum tungsten electrode with a pole pitch greater than 100 mm. The long arc xenon lamp has two kinds of natural cooling and water cooling. The natural cooling xenon lamp is generally charged (2.66~26.6)) x 102pa helium, water cooled xenon lamp charge (1.33~5.32)×104pa helium, color temperature is 5500~6000K, power can be from 102 ~ 2 × 106 KW, luminous efficiency is 24 ~ 37 lm / w. The water-cooled long-arc xenon lamp has a luminous efficiency of 60 lm/W and a typical life of 3000 h. The power of the long arc xenon lamp can be made very large, and the volt-ampere characteristic has a positive resistance characteristic, so it is only necessary to install the starting device, and the specification has two types of ballasts and no ballasts.