Magnetic Flux Leakage Transformer Precautions

- Apr 28, 2019-

Magnetic flux leakage transformer precautions

Most of the neon signboards are used for advertising, and most of them are installed outdoors, wind and rain, and the working environment is very poor. Therefore, the following problems should be noted when using the leakage transformer:

(1) Pay attention to electricity safety and conduct regular safety inspections.

(2) When installing neon lights, avoid using long high voltage wires from the transformer to the lamp. It reduces the possibility of transformer load or breakdown of the insulation.

(3) The length of the lamp driven by each transformer is limited. The diameter and length of the lamps for each type of transformer load vary. When using, you need to use the method described in Chapter 14 of Chapter 5 to perform matching calculation.

(4) It is strictly forbidden to overload the transformer. When the transformer is overloaded, it will not only damage the transformer but also cause a safety accident.