Manual Transmission Common Fault Has Been The Cause

- Jun 21, 2019-

Manual transmission common fault has been the cause

1. It is difficult to change gears. When the transmission is shifted, it is difficult to hang up the gear position. It is difficult to return to the neutral position after reluctance to hang. The main reason is that the moving parts of the shifting control mechanism are worn, deformed, and poorly lubricated, resulting in shifting resistance, and cannot be freely slid.

2. Jumping files. When the car is driving in a certain gear position, the shift lever automatically jumps back to the neutral position, causing the power transmission to be interrupted. Jumping occurs mostly when the medium and high speed load is abrupt or the vehicle is bumpy. Mainly due to excessive wear or deformation of the moving parts, resulting in incorrect meshing, self-locking out of control, the gear position can not be fixed, and the jump gear occurs.

3, chaotic files. When the car starts to shift gears or shifts during driving, the transmission is engaged in the wrong gear position, or can be engaged in the required gear position, but can not be returned to the neutral gear or the two gear positions are engaged at one time. Mainly due to excessive wear or damage of the gear mechanism, it is not working properly.

4. Oil leakage. It is related to excessive oil quantity, oil seal damage and clogging of the vent.