Maserati Brand Introduction

- Apr 08, 2019-

Maserati brand introduction

Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer founded in Bologna on December 1, 1914. The company's headquarters is now in Modena, and the brand is marked by a trident. In 1993, Fiat S.p.A. acquired Maserati and allowed the brand to be retained.

Maserati was once part of Ferrari, a company with a majority stake in Fiat, and is now directly owned by Fiat Chrysler. Today's Maserati's new coupe series is the embodiment of the Italian top coupe production technology, and is also the perfect combination of Italian design aesthetics and high-quality craftsman design thinking.

The name "Maserati" comes from the railroad workers of the Kingdom of Italy, Rudolf Maserati, Carolina Rossi and their seven children. Rudolph is a person with innovative talents and abilities: the persistence and love of speed is in line with the Maserati brothers. When the dawn of the new century dawned, the youngest son, Eto, was born in 1894, which made the family complete. The eldest son, Carlo, who was born in 1881, has started his own career, and their seven children are involved in promoting the construction and development of the world-famous sports car brand Maserati.

In the Maserati family, the eldest son Carlo was the first to intervene in the field of mechanical design. At the age of 17, he designed his first single-cylinder engine [3] and mounted it on a bicycle, winning the 1900 rally. In Turin, he designed a brand new single-cylinder engine in his spare time, mounted on a wooden chassis. In a sense, this can be seen as the birth of the first Maserati, and since then it has been the leader of the times. In 1907 he moved to the Bianchi team and drove the team's car to the prestigious Kaiserpreis Germany, which won the ninth place. In 1908 Carlo became the general manager of the "Milan Junior" car company. After setting up his own company, he naturally would not give up his love for cars, but the company's publicly announced goal is to design and produce high-performance aircraft engines, and he already has sponsors in aircraft development. However, in 1910, a lung disease took his life and future dreams.

In 1914, Alfieri Maserati co-founded Officini Alfieri Maserati with Bindo Maserati and Ernesto Maserati. The new company is mainly engaged in car modification and is also committed to the use of the Esso Fassini car for road racing. Thanks to the efforts of the Maserati brothers, the company's business continued to expand. The company was renamed Societa Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati in 1925, and the company began to use the Trident as the company logo, which was based on the Maggiore square in Bologna. Neptune Neptune statue, designed by Mario Maserati.

Alfieri Maserati created the Tipo 26 in 1926, the first pure Maserati and the first car with the Trident logo. Tipo 26 debuted on April 25 of the same year and participated in the Targa Florio Endurance Race. The car is powered by a 1.5-liter inline eight-cylinder engine with a top speed of 160km/h. Alfieri Maserati took the Tipo26 in the Targa Florio competition and won the first place in the same class. Then Tipo26 won several other matches in other events. Since then Maserati has started to consider the production of racing cars.

With the urbanization process, cars are no longer just the pursuit of speed, but gradually become a part of daily life. Maserati adapts to the needs of the times, and applies its racing research and development achievements to the development of road sports cars, when luxury and wildness The perfect combination of sporty nature, comfort and passionate driving pleasure, the generation of models has condensed its unique brand essence and connotation.