Maserati Development History

- Apr 08, 2019-

Maserati development history

1914 - Maserati company founded.

1925 - Maserati renames and uses the Trident brand identity.

1926 - Maserati's first logo-branded sports car Tipo 26 was born.

April 1926 - Maserati Tipo 26 sports car participates in the Targa Florio endurance race.

1929 - The Maserati V4 sports car broke the fastest world record of the time.

1931 - Alfieri Maserati's masterpiece 4CTR and front-wheel drive 8C2500 come out.

1932 - Alfieri Maserati died.

In 1933, Tazio Nuvolari joined and made outstanding contributions to technology and chassis improvement.

In 1937 - Maserati sold some shares to the Orsi family and the company headquarters moved to Modena.

May 30, 1939 - A driver who drove the Maserati 8CTF won the 500-mile Indianapolis Indiana, and in 1940, won the race again.

September 1939 - The outbreak of the Second World War, Maserati temporarily suspended the manufacture of sports cars, and began to produce mechanical tools, spark plugs and other electronic equipment.

1947 - The Maserati plant resumed production of the sports car and launched the A6 sports car designed by Pininfarina.

1957 - Maserati officially withdrew from the car race and began to focus on developing civilian models.

1959 - Maserati introduced the 3500 GT and 5000 GT.

1962 - Maserati launched the Sebring two-seater, and launched the Mistral and Maserati's first four-door sedan Quattroporte.

1968 - Citro龙n acquired Maserati.

1973 - Maserati changed hands again and was taken over by the Italian state-owned company GEPI.

1976 - Maserati introduces two new cars: the Quattroporte III designed by Kyalami and Giugiaro.

1993 - Fiat Auto bought all the shares of Maserati, which is a turning point for Maserati.

1994 - Maserati first introduced the new car after its entry into Fiat: the Quattroporte Presidential Series Elite.

July 1, 1997 - Fiat sold Maserati to Ferrari.

In 2000, Maserati reorganized the marketing network, expanded the scale of the factory, and set up a new management office to further promote the company's innovation.

2001 - Spyder came out and completed his debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2004 - Maserati launched the MC12 supercar, meaning it will return to the event.

In early 2005, Ferrari transferred the ownership of Maserati to Fiat.

2007 - exhibited at the GranTurismo Geneva Motor Show, designed by the famous designer Pininfarina.

2010 - Maserati hosts the first Trofeo MC World Championship.

2011 - Maserati launched a partnership with the Italian navigator Giovanni Soldini to launch a number of major sailing challenges. The Maserati is the world's fastest monohull. Together with Giovanni Sodini, it interprets the core values of the Trident: passion, speed, courage and sharing.

In April 2013, Maserati teamed up with the internationally renowned furniture manufacturer Zanotta to showcase the new “Sea God Throne” LoungeChair Maserati By Zanotta at the International Furniture Fair in Milan.

2013 - The new Maserati QUATTROPORTE Presidential Series is launched.

December 4, 2013 - Maserati officially begins its one-year 100th anniversary event, which will last until December 1, 2014.

January 2014 - Captain Giovanni Sodini led the "Maserati" to cross the finish line in Rio de Janeiro, creating a new maritime record.

March 2014 - Maserati's latest Alfieri 2+2 concept sports car debuted at the 84th Geneva Motor Show, writing another glory for the Maserati brand's centennial celebration.

March 2014 - The new Maserati GHIBLI inspirational short film was launched in the 48th US Super Bowl, and opened the prelude to the mainstream luxury car market with the new concept of "Zaller".

March 2014 - Maserati and La Martina jointly held the "Maserati Centennial Polo Tour" Polo Tour in the United States, the tour has a total of four rounds, held in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, will be in early 2015 Closing.