Method For Avoiding Brake Fluid Resistance

- Apr 15, 2019-

Method for avoiding brake fluid resistance

1. Use high quality brake fluid whenever possible. Because the high-quality brake fluid has strong anti-gas resistance performance, the ordinary brake fluid has a low boiling point, driving in the mountains in summer, long-term braking control of the vehicle speed, and the brake fluid temperature exceeds its boiling point by more than 100 °C for a short time, which is easy to generate air resistance. The local brake failure is caused, and the consequences are unimaginable. It is generally recommended to use domestic synthetic brake fluid, Chongqing Yiping 4603, Great Wall Gold. The synthetic brake fluid has excellent performance, is not easy to generate gas resistance when used at high temperature, is not easy to solidify at low temperature, and has smooth oil passage, thereby ensuring the sensitivity and reliability of the brake system.

2. Avoid frequent use of brakes on high-speed driving. In case of sudden braking in advance, the brake will be decelerated. If it is not necessary to take emergency braking, if it feels that the brake is not sensitive, stop it immediately.

3. Regularly check and replace the brake fluid. The brake fluid of the car must be inspected before use. If a white precipitate is found, the impurities should be filtered before use. Avoid mixing different types of brake fluid. The brake fluid is usually changed once every two years. Due to the strong hygroscopicity of the brake fluid, it is best to avoid the rainy season replacement. When replacing, do not mix water and other oils, and be sure to wash and dry the brake fluid system.

4, when the hot summer is driving for a long time, you can pack the warm master cloth on the brake master cylinder to cool it, bring the water, and often drop the water on the wet cloth to cool down, which can achieve the effect of preventing air resistance.