Method Of Reducing Fuel Consumption

- Apr 26, 2019-

Method of reducing fuel consumption

First, summer inspection of air conditioning system is essential

Air conditioning failure may also be a major cause of fuel consumption. If the air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, many people will increase the wind speed and lower the temperature to achieve a cool effect. Since the air conditioner will directly affect the fuel consumption of the summer car, the owner must timely maintain and check the air conditioner. It is worth mentioning that in addition to air conditioning failure, the air conditioning cooling network (condenser) is full of dust and other direct impact on the heat dissipation effect, the owner should clean the condenser in time to ensure that the air conditioner works in a good state.

Second, frequent emergency brakes are the main cause of high fuel consumption

Frequent emergency brakes are the main cause of high fuel consumption in automobiles. The data from the hybrid electric vehicle with stored kinetic energy shows that its fuel consumption is about 40% lower than that of the same class. The data from this side also reflects the high fuel consumption in the urban area and the frequent emergency brakes. obvious.

Make full use of the inertia of the vehicle while ensuring that the vehicle is driving safely. Take the red light position at the front 300 meters as an example. The speed of the vehicle only needs to mention 40 km/h, and it can be coasted to the intersection by inertia. However, many car owners continue to accelerate when they are driving. When the speed reaches 60 km/h at the intersection of traffic lights, they have to slam on the brakes, and the fuel consumption during acceleration is wasted.

Reminder: When driving, you will only vigorously step on the brakes when you are in an emergency. You should keep your brakes warm when approaching the intersection and parking. If your right foot is in high-intensity use of brakes and throttle for a long time, it means that your driving habits need to be corrected in time.

Third, relying on inertia is the key to fuel economy

"Inertial driving" fuel-saving is well known, but in actual investigations, it is rare to see that the owners who can really use inertial driving are rare. According to a random interview with nearly 20 car owners who often drive in Chancheng District, the reporter found that more than half of the owners said that the brakes accounted for at least 1/3 of the urban driving time. More cars and traffic lights are the main cause.

Fourth, small displacement car air conditioning should not be opened too fierce

Vehicles exposed to the sun should not be turned on immediately after boarding. It is reasonable to open the window (you can also open the door), set the fan to a higher gear position without turning on the air conditioner, drive away the hot air inside the car, and then turn on the air conditioner after the vehicle moderately cools down. In addition to properly turning on the air conditioner, the wind speed of the fan should be reduced as much as possible while driving. The air conditioning temperature setting should not be too low, generally around 25 °C is more suitable. For non-automatically controlled, manually-adjusted air conditioners, it is recommended to turn off the unmanned passenger air vents and allow the air to concentrate on the cab, which can effectively save fuel consumption.