Microwave Radiation Characteristics

- Jan 03, 2020-

Microwave radiation characteristics

(1) Microwave is opposite to infrared, which is an important radiation characteristic of an object under low temperature conditions. The lower the temperature, the stronger the microwave radiation.

(2) The intensity of microwave radiation is much weaker than that of infrared radiation, and it needs to be processed before it can be received by the receiver.

(3) In the application of remote sensing technology, the difference in microwave radiation between different features is greater than that in infrared radiation, so microwave can help identify features that are difficult to identify in the visible and infrared bands.

(4) The frequency of the microwave is 300MHz ~ 300GHz, it is located between the infrared radiation light wave of the electromagnetic wave and the radio wave, so it can only excite the rotational energy level transition of the molecule.