Modulator Characteristics

- Nov 08, 2019-

Modulator characteristics

1. The modulator adopts the fixed channel output of the PAL-D system adjacent frequency modulation mode in the 48MHz-750MHz frequency band.

2. In the circuit design, the idea of image frequency and accompanying audio rate CPU double phase-locked loop (PLL) design is adopted.

3. Imported high-quality broadcast-grade modulation chips (TOSHIBA, MOTOROAL, INTECH, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS, FAIRCHILD, etc.) are used on the device.

4, using high performance surface acoustic wave (SAW) filtering, vestigial sideband suppression greater than 65dB.

5, 110 dBuv RF output, stable amplitude and accurate frequency.

6, unique filtering method, out-of-band output suppression is greater than 65dB.

7, image modulation, audio frequency offset, A / V ratio, RF output level can be adjusted.

8, 19-inch standard chassis design, standardized installation.