Modulator Classification

- Nov 08, 2019-

Modulator classification

The modulator can be divided into a digital modulator and an analog modulator;

Analog modulators can be divided into different classification criteria:

According to the frequency residual sideband, the double sideband can be divided into: adjacent frequency modulator and frequency division modulator;

According to the frequency processing mode, it can be divided into: an intermediate frequency processing modulator and a high frequency processing modulator;

According to the frequency adjustable, it can be divided into: agile frequency modulator, fixed frequency modulator;

According to the level can be divided into: standard-level modulator, professional-grade modulator, broadcast-level modulator

According to the number of integrated channels, it can be divided into: single-channel adjacent frequency modulator, 4-channel modulator, 8-channel modulator, and 16-channel modulator.