Multi-layer Glass Coating Is The Process Or Gimmick?

- Mar 01, 2018-

Familiar with the car after the market will certainly be aware of friends, the past two years, automotive beauty care industry, glass coating products, began to form some of the other side.

Some brands and terminal stores glass coating product pricing method, no longer related to the product brand, technology and quality of the product itself, but speculation "by layer billing."

A layer of plating, the lowest offer a few hundred, the highest offer thousands of, so "Trilayer plus plating", "Six stacked plus plating" or even "twelve stacked plating", full of  in a variety of automotive services shop. Poor car owners who are ignorant of the truth, flirtatious sales staff flirtatious say that in order to protect their own car.

Winter is coming to keep warm, even if the Arctic Eskimo, I believe you can not find a man wearing a 12-piece leather jacket, right? If the car's paint will speak, you tell him, in order to protect you, I gave you a layer of 12 hard coat, I believe the paint will curse ......

Just right, like one, is the most suitable long-term protection of the car paint, blind pursuit of increasing the hardness of the crystal plating, and layer by layer cover overlay, so that the late maintenance of lacquer difficulty and cost greatly increased, the ultimate Payer are consumer.