Off-road Vehicle Development History

- Apr 14, 2019-

Off-road vehicle development history

There are three brothers in off-road vehicles, and the comprehensive load capacity is different. Heavy-duty off-road vehicles are called heavy-duty off-road vehicles; light-duty off-road vehicles are small in capacity; and medium-sized off-road vehicles are called between light and heavy. Fully driven, in order to drive a car out of the predicament after a wheel has fallen into the mud, otherwise it will have to wait for someone to drag.

1. At the earliest development of a car, it became an extremely extravagant, symbolic item. With the continuous advancement of society, cars have gradually become a means of transportation and transportation, which has been derived for various purposes. The car, and from its function, the finer and finer, which evolved out of a model that is a cross-country jeep. Its birth has undoubtedly produced unlimited contributions.

2. After the end of the Second World War, General Eisenhower said: The United States won the war with three tools, the Jeep, the landing craft, and the Dakota transport aircraft. The jeep has a simple structure, strong and versatile, can travel on all kinds of terrain, can complete a myriad of tasks, the first is designed for war, the mobility is greatly improved, and made a great contribution to the war.

3. The jeep's lines are square and square. There are no accessories that are not related to performance. In the design and manufacturing process, only the solid and practical, simple processing and low cost are considered. It seems that it has nothing to do with the artworks. In fact, this is a kind of prejudice. The appearance of a jeep, whether it is transportation, handling, traction, comfort, luxury, luxury, and beauty, is not its essence. The soul of the jeep is to carry you to as many places as possible, whether it is desert, beach, mountain, mud, snowy, steep slope... The artist gives it life with the simplest lines and shapes. In the New York Museum of Modern Art, there are a total of eight cars displayed as art objects. The most prominent position in the exhibition is a US military jeep during World War II.

4, jeep is everywhere, the image of omnipresent is sturdy, healthy, rough, tough, simple. So there are so many fans who are passionate about it. The difficult trek on the sinister road is our real enjoyment, which should be a manifestation of the sport of off-road vehicles. It brings together people who love nature and feel the joy of bringing them together. In this way, it represents an emerging and increasing consumption trend, and various auto companies are also developing high-level light off-road jeep.

5. In many countries, especially in the West, there are very few special names for off-road vehicles, but the off-road is very common, that is, driving off the road. This requires a four-wheel drive vehicle as a carrier. The four-wheel drive is designed to improve the visibility of the car on rough roads. The four-wheel drive is used to distribute the engine power evenly over the four wheels, greatly reducing wheel slip and idling. The torque applied to each wheel is less likely to exceed its own grip performance. The grip of the tire is most affected on the muddy, slippery road and snow. The four-wheel drive has great advantages. In addition to safety, it is also more open. The four-wheel drive mode is: 2H-high speed two-wheel (4x2) drive, urban and good road use; 4H---high-speed four-wheel (4x4) drive, snow and wet road use; 4L---low speed Four-wheel (4x4) drive requires great driving torque, such as rugged mud, sand and dangerous hillsides. However, in order to master well, you need practical operations and rich off-road experience.

6, in order to improve the performance of off-road vehicles, you also need to master the construction of off-road vehicles, and then modify. Basic modifications such as: strengthening the chassis, raising the ground clearance, allowing the wheel to have a large fluctuation range, changing the suspension system, enhancing the wading capacity, the central differential, the central differential lock and so on. There must also be plans and standards when retrofitting, and more economic considerations. With these modifications, it can be regarded as a superior off-road jeep, in order to conquer more sinister and experience great fun, but also have a solid off-road driving technology and experience as a solid backing. Even if the off-road vehicle is deeply immersed, it is necessary to know a lot of practical and self-help methods, which is another great pleasure.