Oxford University Faculty Major

- Apr 23, 2019-

Oxford University Faculty major

There are 38 colleges in Oxford, and their relationship with the school is like a federal system in the relationship between the US central government and local governments. Each college is run by Head of House and several Fellows, who are experts in a variety of academic fields, most of whom have positions in the school. Six prospective colleges (known as “Permanent Private Halls” for religious sects) still retain their religious charters.

There is also a continuing education college. Among the 35 colleges, there are no students at the Academy, only academicians (including visiting academicians). The scales of the colleges vary, but they are all under 500. Students and teachers (academicians) come from different professional disciplines.

Oxford's college system was born at the time of the university's birth and gradually became a collection of independent institutions in Oxford.

Similar to most other university organizations, Oxford is divided into different departments based on the profession. The department usually plays a major role in postgraduate teaching, providing lectures, courses, and organizing exams. The department is also usually a research center funded by external agencies, including large research committees.

In addition to the college, the teaching and research activities of Oxford University (especially the latter) are mainly organized by the Faculty. The Faculty is not an autonomous unit within the university. They are inter-academic institutions and are not affiliated with any college. Teachers and students must first be a member of a college within Oxford.

As of May 2017, Oxford currently has four departments: Humanities, Scocial Sciences, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences, and Medical Sciences. The school has independent centers and research institutes.