Pagani Zonda Model Introduction

- Apr 09, 2019-

Pagani Zonda model introduction

Pagani Zonda is a maverick super sports car, dare to compete with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and other sports car giants, its perfect workmanship is enough to make Ferrari shame. Every Zonda delivery customer has a variety of styles, all with unique glamour, super power performance, and the quality of the hand-made Pagani from the Pagani, making the limited production Pagani Zonda super sports car worth more.

The shape of the Pagani Zonda has been tested in the wind tunnel. Its deep intake dam, rear spoiler and air diffuser can generate 500 kg of downforce at 297 km / h, plus a uniform body weight. Zonda can still be stable even at an ultra-high speed of more than 300 km / h.

The beauty of Zonda's styling has dwarfed many sports car manufacturers. The most impressive design of the overall model is the wedge-shaped nose and the drop-shaped glass compartment, which is also very similar to the models that participated in the GT endurance race. The rear splitter is split into two, and the design is extremely special and exudes a distinctive aesthetic; a tailpipe that is like a jet has become a registered trademark of the Super car.

Some of the early Zonda models were designed by F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio, who was originally named "Fangio F1", but after the death of Fangio in 1995, it was renamed Zonda, meaning " The wind of the Andes."

Ginny's constellation is Taurus, which is closely related to the "Golden Bull" logo.