Part Of The Living System

- Aug 13, 2019-

Part of the living system

1. Cell: The basic structure and functional unit of a membrane-coated organism capable of independently performing life activities (the virus does not contain a cellular structure).

2. Tissue: Many cell clusters with similar structures and similar functions and cell interstitial cells are called tissues.

3. Organs: The structure of some tissues with similar functions that can accomplish a certain life activity independently is called an organ.

4, system: composed of multiple organs, the level of structure that can complete a certain type of life activities is called a system, plants have no system.

5. Individual: A single organism becomes an individual.

6. Population: A hierarchy consisting of all individuals of a certain organism in the same region is called a population.

7. Community: A hierarchy of all individuals (or all populations) of all organisms in the same region is called a community.

8. Ecosystem: The hierarchy of all individuals in all living organisms and the inorganic environment in which they live in the same region is called the ecosystem.

9. Biosphere: The range is the bottom of the atmosphere, the majority of the hydrosphere, the surface of the lithosphere, and the largest ecosystem called the biosphere.