Particle Classification

- May 09, 2020-

Particle classification

According to the nature of the interaction, the particles are divided into the following categories: ① Specification particles. That is, the media particles that transfer interactions have been found to have photons that transfer electromagnetic effects and W and Z particles that transfer weak effects. ② Lepton. Particles that can directly participate in electromagnetic and weak interactions without directly participating in strong interactions have been found to have electrons, muons, τons and accompanying electron neutrinos ve, muon neutrinos, τon neutrinos and There are 12 types of anti-particles. ③ Hadron. Particles directly involved in strong action, but also in electromagnetic action and weak action. The hadrons whose spins are integers are called mesons, and the hadrons whose spins are half integers are called baryons. There are a large number of hadrons, most of which are particles that decay by strong action. They have extremely short lifetimes and are unstable particles, also known as resonance states.