Plasma Furnace Introduction

- Sep 07, 2019-

Plasma furnace introduction

An electric furnace that performs heating or melting by using plasma generated when the working gas is ionized. Plasma generating devices, commonly referred to as plasma guns, have arc plasma guns and high frequency induction plasma guns. The working gas is introduced into the plasma gun, and the gun has a device for generating an electric field of an electric arc or a high frequency (5 to 20 MHz). The working gas is ionized by the action, and a plasma composed of a mixture of electrons, positive ions, and gas atoms and molecules is generated. . After the plasma is ejected from the plasma gun nozzle, a high-speed, high-temperature plasma arc flame is formed, which is much higher than the general arc. The most common working gas is argon, which is a monoatomic gas that is easily ionized and is an inert gas that protects the material. Working temperature can be up to 20,000 □; used for melting special steel, titanium and titanium alloys, superconducting materials, etc. The furnace type includes a water-cooled copper crystallizer furnace, a hollow cathode furnace, a plasma furnace equipped with induction heating, and a plasma furnace with a refractory lining.