Poland Has Such A Serious Person Doing KISHO Ceramic Coating Agent

- Feb 24, 2018-

Crystal plating market is now in the country has stabilized, the show is no longer a hype about promotional plating, but the low-key show its due performance, learned from the Beijing Yasen exhibition, the current automotive supplies industry no new Products, clothing, plating is currently hot project. Car painted plating products in the physical store has become an indispensable beauty project.

In the domestic market in just a few years we have been recognized by a well-known lacquer beauty project, is hot in foreign countries, first from Poland, because "Poland" has such a serious person doing KISHO ceramic coating agent.


Select the product, the Polish agent to find all the supply of plating products in the country, at the beginning of our negotiations, all our products are tried again and again, almost that period of time is always online to ask our customer service, construction should be how to operate I did not do this. When all the products were tested one by one, they waited for more than two months to observe the product's effect. In addition, he experimented with such tests as a hundred car washes and so on. Finally choose to cooperate with the KISHO.


For serious work, people who take products seriously, all the construction vehicles have clearance, by the customer accept. Currently in the "Poland" market has spread, for KISHO glass coating is no longer strangers.