​Polishing Is An Important Part Of The Construction Of KISHO Glass Coating

- Apr 22, 2018-

Polishing is done between the polishing disc, polishing agent and polishing wax and the paint surface. They will generate static electricity due to friction. At the same time, they will generate heat. The heat will cause the paint film to become soft and the pores expand. Under the effect of static electricity, the hole Dirt is sucked out. The polishing plate in turn abrades the oxide layer of the paint and fills it with small scratches. Some of the components in the polishing agent and polishing wax dissolve in the body paint, undergo a reduction reaction, and finally make the body paint surface clean as new, smooth and bright.

Polishing is an important part of the construction of KISHO Glass Coating. The degree of polishing process will directly affect the adhesion of plated crystal grinding.