Polishing Machine Classification

- May 08, 2019-

Polishing machine classification

Polishing machines, also known as grinders, are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. The working principle is as follows: the motor drives the sponge or the wool polishing disc mounted on the polishing machine to rotate at a high speed, and the polishing disc and the polishing agent cooperate with each other and rub against the surface to be polished, thereby removing the paint surface contamination, the oxide layer and the shallow mark. purpose. The rotation speed of the polishing disc is generally 1500-3000 r/min, mostly infinitely variable speed, and can be adjusted at any time according to the needs during construction.

(1) According to the power source, there are two kinds of pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic type is safer, but requires a gas source; electric type is easy to solve power problems, but must pay attention to electricity safety.

(2) There are two types of industrial abrasive/polishing machines and simple polishing machines according to functions. The dual-function industrial sanding and polishing machine can be equipped with a grinding wheel to polish the metal material, and can be replaced with a polishing plate for car paint protection. This machine is heavy, 2-3 kg, but it works very smoothly and is not easy to damage. The speed of this model can be adjusted for professional beauty care personnel. The simple polishing machine is actually a drilling machine. It is small in size and the speed is not adjustable. It is difficult to balance when used. Professional beauty care workers generally do not use such models.

(3) There are three types of high speed polishing machine, medium speed polishing machine and low speed polishing machine according to the speed. The high speed polishing machine rotates at 1750-3000 r/mAn, and the rotation speed is adjustable; the medium speed polishing machine rotates at a speed of 1 200-1 600 r/rain, and the rotation speed is adjustable; the low speed polishing machine rotates at 1 200 r/min, and the rotation speed is not adjustable.