Preparation Method Of Helium

- Dec 06, 2019-

Preparation method of helium

1. Condensation method: Condensation method for helium extraction from natural gas is industrially used. The method includes the pretreatment and purification of natural gas, crude helium production, and helium refining. It produces 99.99% pure helium. 

2. Air separation method: Generally, the crude helium and neon mixed gas is extracted from the air device by the decondensation method. Pure helium is produced from the crude helium and neon mixed gas. .

3. Hydrogen liquefaction method: Industrial use of hydrogen liquefaction method to extract helium from synthetic ammonia tail gas. The process of this method is to remove nitrogen at low temperature and purify the crude helium with oxygen to catalyze hydrogen removal and helium purification by distillation, to obtain 99.99% pure helium.

4. High-purity helium method: 99.9999% of high-purity helium is obtained by further purifying 99.99% of pure helium with activated carbon.