Principle Of Water Temperature Sensor

- Aug 03, 2019-

Principle of water temperature sensor

The water level sensor in the container transmits the sensed water level signal to the controller, and the computer in the controller compares the measured water level signal with the set signal to obtain a deviation, and then issues a warning to the water supply electric valve according to the nature of the deviation. The ""off" command is turned on to ensure that the container reaches the set water level. After the water inflow procedure is completed, the temperature-controlled portion of the computer issues an "open" command to the electric valve that supplies the heat medium, and the system begins to heat the water in the container. When the temperature is set. The controller issues a command to close the valve, cut off the heat source, and the system enters the holding state. During the programming process, ensure that the system does not open the electric control valve that controls the heat source without reaching the safe water level, thus avoiding heat loss and accidents.