Product Advantages Of Automotive Intelligent Keyless Start System

- May 30, 2019-

Product advantages of automotive intelligent keyless start system

1. Based on CAN bus design + special vehicle wiring harness, greatly reducing wiring work and ensuring reliable operation of products.

2. PHILIPS kernel technology. Safety and comfort with the same level as Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

3. Dedicated automotive grade connectors and automotive grade chips ensure stable operation of the vehicle in harsh environments.

4. Integrated keyless entry / One-button start / remote start system.

5. Ultra-low standby power design, providing key and vehicle long standby time.

6. Special car design, tailored to different models.

7. Anti-extinguishing design

8. One-button quick start

9. Safe driving lock function.

10. Frequency hopping technology

11. Intelligent ACC Technology

12. Start motor protection

13. Online diagnosis and error recovery + Backup redundancy design to ensure that the vehicle can start normally under unexpected conditions

14. High temperature protection

15. Long standby