Properties And Stability Of Cuprous Oxide

- Aug 04, 2019-

Properties and stability of cuprous oxide

1. If it is used and stored according to the specifications, it will not decompose. There is no known dangerous reaction, avoiding oxide, moisture/humidity and air.

2. Does not encounter dilute sulfuric acid and dilute nitric acid to form copper salts. It will turn blue quickly in the air. It can be dissolved in a solution such as concentrated alkali or ferric chloride. Very poisonous!

3. Cuprous oxide is stable in dry air, but is slowly oxidized in humid air to form copper oxide, so it can be used as an oxygen scavenger; in addition, it can be easily reduced to metallic copper with a reducing agent. Cuprous oxide is insoluble in water, forms a complex with an aqueous ammonia solution or a concentrated hydrohalic acid, and is easily dissolved in an alkaline aqueous solution.