Quad-core Processor Features

- Nov 21, 2019-

Quad-core processor features

The quad-core Clovertown core processor also uses the Core micro-architecture, which can easily understand the Clovertown core as a combination of two Woodcrest dual-cores. The specific advantages of this architecture are: the server can run faster and with lower power consumption, innovation Technology can ensure the safe and stable operation of the system, while also saving a lot of money for the enterprise. According to Intel's data, Core microarchitecture has dual-core, 64-bit instruction set, 4-transmitted superscalar architecture and out-of-order execution mechanism, supporting 36-bit physical addressing and 48-bit virtual memory addressing, including SSE4 support. All of Intel's extended instruction set. Each core of the Core microarchitecture has a 32KB level 1 instruction cache, a 32KB dual port level 1 data cache, and 2 cores share a 4MB shared L2 cache. In the future, Intel is likely to improve the Core to support the rapid development of multi-core processors. There are several improvements in technology: Intel Wide Dynamic Execution Technology, Intel Advanced Smart Cache, Intel Intelligent Memory Access, Intel Intelligent Power Management Technology. These technologies can greatly improve the performance of quad-core processors. In the official Sunguard software simulation test, the dual-core platform 5120 processor used 22.83 seconds. After upgrading to the quad-core, the new platform only took 14.33 seconds to complete the test. The quad-core processor took only 15 seconds to complete, the dual-core processor took 23 seconds, the processing time was 8 seconds faster, and the performance increased by 53%. The Clovertown processor was once again proven in performance.