Shortcomings Of Nuclear Power Plants

- Jul 14, 2019-

Shortcomings of nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants also have some obvious shortcomings:

(1) Nuclear power plants produce high-level and low-level radioactive waste, or used nuclear fuel. Although they are small in size, they must be handled with care because they are radioactive;

(2) The nuclear power plant has low thermal efficiency, so it emits more waste heat than the general fossil fuel power plant, so the thermal pollution of the nuclear power plant to the environment is serious;

(3) The investment cost of the nuclear power plant is too large, and the financial risk of the power company is high;

(4) Nuclear power is less suitable for full-load operation and is not suitable for operation below standard load;

(5) The construction of nuclear power plants often leads to political disputes;

(6) There are a large amount of radioactive materials in the reactor of the nuclear power plant. If it is released into the external environment during an accident, it will cause harm to the ecology and the public.