Spline Use Characteristics

- May 11, 2019-

Spline use characteristics

The spline joint consists of an internal spline and an external spline. The inner and outer splines are multi-toothed parts, the splines on the inner cylindrical surface are internal splines, and the splines on the outer cylindrical surface are external splines.

Due to the different structural forms and manufacturing processes, the spline coupling has the following characteristics in terms of strength, process and use compared with the flat key connection: Because more teeth and grooves are directly and uniformly produced on the shaft and the hub hole, Therefore, the spline coupling force is relatively uniform; because the groove is shallow, the stress concentration at the root is small, the strength of the shaft and the hub is weakened less; the number of teeth is larger, the total contact area is larger, and thus the load can be withstand; The alignment of the upper part and the shaft is good, which is very important for high speed and precision machines; the guiding is good, which is very important for the dynamic connection; the grinding method can be used to improve the machining accuracy and the joint quality; the manufacturing process is more complicated, sometimes it needs special Equipment, high cost. Applicable occasions: Connections with high centering accuracy requirements, large transmission torque or frequent slippage.