Spyker C8 Details

- May 04, 2019-

Spyker C8 details

The Spyker c8 was the first luxury sedan made by the 1898 horse-drawn carriage manufacturer SPIJKER. They didn't think that Spyker could become the world's top sports car brand in the future, but they condensed their "golden carriage" with the concept of "recognition of succinctness and nobleness" at the coronation ceremony of Queen William Minna of the Netherlands. Since then, the Jue brand has become attached to the royal family and nobles.

When Spyker first developed luxury cars, the Pikes brothers believed that cars with top technology and superior quality would win the same respect and pursuit of “Golden Carriage”. Therefore, they successively developed and launched the world’s first one. The patented technology of cylinder engine and constant-time 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel brake car, “dust cover chassis” and circulating radiator, and the names of the Spyker brand, there are many names such as Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Bosch.

Moreover, Spyker also believes that "Beyond" is the life philosophy of its valued customers, so Spyker is also one of the first car brands to participate in car racing and lead the way. In addition to the outstanding performance in the "Beijing-Paris" rally, a standard Spyker C4 broke the endurance record in 1921. It lasted for 36 days and ran for 30,000 kilometers. A year later, the famous driver Selwyn Edge drove the C4 at an average speed of 119 km/h to set off the record for the 12-hour endurance race in Brooklyn, England. The double 12 also became part of the Spyker brand, permanently recording this. A legend in the car world.