Storage And Use Of Diesel

- Aug 05, 2019-

Storage and use of diesel

1. Prevent moisture and mechanical impurities from entering.

2. It is strictly forbidden to be used for lighting or kerosene furnace fuel after mixing with gasoline.

3. Diesel must be precipitated, filtered, and removed from impurities and water before use to ensure the normal operation of the diesel fuel supply system.

4. At low temperatures, in order to improve the low-temperature fluidity of diesel fuel, a small amount of kerosene is allowed to permeate into the diesel oil, but the flash point may be unqualified. However, it is never allowed to add gasoline to diesel to improve the low temperature fluidity of diesel.

5. Diesel fuels with different grades of the same grade, because their quality indicators are basically the same except for the freezing point and the cold filter point, so when the resources are insufficient, they can be mixed under the condition of suitable temperature oil.

6, strictly prevent exposure and open flame heating, try to store at a lower temperature. The necessary preheating can be carried out in the winter when using diesel.