The Components Of ESP

- Jun 25, 2019-

The components of ESP

The ESP system consists of a control unit and a steering sensor (to monitor the steering angle of the steering wheel), a wheel sensor (to monitor the speed of each wheel), a side-slip sensor (to monitor the rotation of the body about a vertical axis), and a lateral acceleration sensor (to monitor the turning of the car) The centrifugal force) and other components.

Sensors: including steering sensor, wheel sensor, side slip sensor, lateral acceleration sensor, steering wheel throttle brake pedal sensor, etc. These sensors are responsible for collecting data on the status of the body.

ESP computer: Calculate the data collected by the sensor, calculate the body state and compare it with the preset data in the memory. When the computer calculation data exceeds the pre-stored value of the memory, that is, when the vehicle body is nearing out of control or has been out of control, the actuator is commanded to work to ensure that the driving state of the vehicle can satisfy the driver's intention as much as possible.

Actuator: The ESP actuator is a four-wheel brake system. Unlike an ESP-free car, the ESP-equipped car has a pressure-relieving function.

Communication device: ESP light on the dashboard.