The Danger Of Locking The Central Differential

- Jul 05, 2019-

The danger of locking the central differential

When the four-wheel drive vehicle is in the time-sharing four-wheel drive state, the vehicle on the dry road tends to go straight because the left and right wheels have great adhesion at this time, so that the left and right wheels travel during the turning process. Different speed difference is generated, and the difference between the rotation speed is transmitted to the front and rear transmission shaft through the differential on the front and rear axles. At this time, the front and rear transmission shafts will be disengaged because there is no central differential. This difference will limit the rotation of the wheel with the ground. , which causes steering difficulties, such as when the speed is too fast, it is easy to cause rollover. On a slippery road surface, since the wheel can slide on the ground to release the difference in rotational speed, there is no difficulty in steering. Therefore, the time-sharing four-wheel drive is only suitable for use on roads such as sand, snow or mud with low adhesion. For example, it can be used for straight-line driving on dry roads.