The Difference Between Electronically Controlled AWD System And Traditional Two-wheel Drive System

- May 21, 2019-

The difference between electronically controlled AWD system and traditional two-wheel drive system

The electronically controlled AWD system of the car has the following characteristics compared with the traditional two-wheel drive system:

1 Due to the increasing speed of modern cars, especially when driving on highways, wind resistance increases. In order to maximize the driving force, the AWD system can make full use of the weight of the car to increase the driving force. Improve the driving dynamics of cars on various roads.

2 Traditional front-wheel drive sedan, there will be understeer when accelerating the turn, the traditional rear-wheel drive car. There is a tendency to oversteer when accelerating the turn. The car equipped with the AWD system can distribute the front and rear wheel driving forces according to the driving state of the car. Greatly improve the steering performance of the car.

3 car AWD system and all-wheel drive dedicated anti-lock braking system (ABS) allows the car to obtain maximum braking force, maximizing the friction between the road and the tire. Improve the braking performance of the car.

4 In the case of off-road and muddy roads and rainy and snowy roads, the AWD system prevents the vehicle from slipping and improves the passability of the car.