The Durability Of The KISHO Glass Coating Is Related To Many Conditions

- Apr 02, 2018-

Test Location: Japan
April 2016 Construction Si-901, Garage Storage, No curing agent was applied during the period, and hydrophobic effect test was performed after 24 months.

The durability of the KISHO Glass Coating is related to many conditions:

1、After applying glass coating, the vehicle storage environment: day and night parking ring   

Such as:Vehicles parked outdoors for a long period of time and parked in the indoor parking also, in the indoor parking garage storage durability of vehicles will increase by about 5 times.

2、 The age of applying car: Coating state of the glass coating

Such as: applying new car and applying 5 years of age of the vehicle car, the new durability than 5 years of age of the vehicle car strong double. The reason is new car paint is good, no damage; using 5 years of paint coating surface has a scar how grinding cannot be restored to factory car paint

3.  The influence of natural environment: snow, dew and  temperatureNatural environment such as the weather is good places and more rain and snow, sand and dust more compared to durability will have great differences. Such as Singapore and Turkey two customers at the same time, applying the glass coating in  construction environment, the vehicle of Singapore customers will longer and stronger than Turkey customer’s vehicle.

About the durability of glass coating. Which relevant to natural environment,paint state, use and storage. also vehicle hood, roof and trunk lid of the three parts is plane, compared to direct exposure to ultraviolet rays, dust, rain and snow, with the side of the vehicle durability will be reduced, can be considered for plane parts superimposed do glass coating thereby increasing the film thickness increase durability.