The Hazards Of Sailing

- Jun 07, 2020-

The hazards of sailing

When the ship sails in rough waves, the hull will roll. Rolling can easily cause the goods to shift. Free liquid surface is generated, which affects the stability of the ship. When the swaying period of the ship is close to the wave period, the phenomenon of harmonic roll will occur, which will aggravate the roll of the ship and even cause the risk of overturning. In this case, you must try to change the course to reduce the roll. However, when adjusting the course so that the bow is subject to waves, avoid using a large rudder angle to avoid excessive roll.

The ship makes a U-turn in strong winds and waves. When the steer rotates, it will be subjected to the action of a force couple formed by centrifugal force and lateral water resistance due to the curved movement. The more pronounced the tilt. At this time, if the ship is in a wave, the hull must be tilted to the side of the valley and the pressure of the wind must be applied.