The Historical Role Of Steam Engines

- Jul 11, 2019-

The historical role of steam engines

The steam engine has a great historical role. It has promoted the development of the machinery industry and even society, solved the most critical problems in the production of large machines, and promoted the unprecedented progress of transportation. The thermodynamics and mechanism established with its development laid the foundation for the development of steam turbines and internal combustion engines; steam turbines inherit the characteristics of steam engines with steam as working fluids, and the advantages of using condensers to reduce exhaust steam pressure, eliminating reciprocating Disadvantages of movement and intermittent steam intake; the internal combustion engine inherits the basic structure and transmission form of the steam engine, adopts the method of directly inputting fuel into the cylinder to form a thermal cycle with much higher thermal efficiency; at the same time, the cylinder and piston used in the steam engine Flywheels, flyweight governors, valves and seals are the basic components of many modern machines.