The Main Application Of The Josephson Effect

- Jun 09, 2020-

The main application of the Josephson effect

The Josephson effect is mainly used to:

① The Josephson effect is used to make a high-sensitivity magnetometer with a sensitivity of 10 gauss, which can measure the beating of the human heart and the changes of the magnetic field inside the human brain, and make "cardiogram" and "magnetoencephalogram". It has also been applied in physical research and geological prospecting.

② In terms of measurement, the voltage reference monitoring system was developed in the early 1970s. The Josephson effect is also used to make high-precision galvanometers, voltage comparators, current comparators, and precision measurements for RF voltage, current, power, and attenuation.

③ Used as a detector and mixer for millimeter and submillimeter waves, its advantages are low noise, frequency bandwidth and low loss.

④ The Josephson junction can be used as a switch and a memory element in a computer. The switching speed has reached 10 picoseconds, and the power consumption is also very small.