The Main Application Of Universal Joint Transmission

- May 21, 2019-

The main application of universal joint transmission

The application of universal joint transmission in automobiles mainly has the following aspects:

1 Between the transmission (or the transfer case) and the transaxle: the transmission, the clutch and the engine of the general automobile are integrated into the frame, and the drive axle is connected to the frame through the suspension. The bounce caused by load changes and when the car is traveling on uneven roads will change the angle and distance between the axle input shaft and the transmission output shaft.

2 between the off-road vehicle transmission and the transfer case: in order to eliminate the deformation of the frame and manufacturing, assembly errors, etc., the influence of the coaxiality error of the axis on the power transmission must be equipped with a universal transmission.

3 The half shaft of the steering axle of the automobile is segmented. When the two half shaft axes intersect, the angle of intersection changes, so the universal joint is used.

4 The half shaft of the disconnected drive axle: the final drive housing is fixed on the frame, the axle housing swings up and down, the half shaft is segmented, and the universal joint is required.

5 The steering shaft of some cars is equipped with a universal joint, which is beneficial to the overall arrangement of the steering mechanism.