The Main Components Of The Electric Stove System

- Sep 09, 2019-

The main components of the electric stove system

The electric cooker is composed of a housing, an electric heating element and a temperature control timing system.

1 housing. It consists of a box, a control panel and a door 3, all made of thin steel.

2 electric heating elements. There are two types of stove heating elements and cooker heating elements. The cooktop heating element is mounted on the cooktop table to heat all types of pots. The typical form is a metal tubular electric heating element that is bent into a disk shape, and the power is adjustable or fixed. The cooker heating element is installed inside the cooker for baking food. It is usually composed of an upper baking element and a lower baking element, and is usually a metal tube type.

3 temperature control timing system. The temperature control and timing of the electric stove are mainly used for the stove. The temperature control adopts a bimetal type or a temperature sensing type temperature controller, and the timing is a spring type, an electric type or an electronic timer.