The Meaning Of Thermal Efficiency

- Aug 08, 2019-

The meaning of thermal efficiency

For a particular thermal energy conversion device, the ratio of the effective output energy to the input energy is a dimensionless indicator, generally expressed as a percentage. There are common power generation devices, boiler devices, engine devices, etc. There are three definition methods: power generation efficiency, device efficiency, and cycle efficiency. In the boiler, the energy of the small amount such as the blower, the induced draft fan, and the grate movement is generally not included in the input energy, but is calculated and measured separately.

The ratio of the heat converted to mechanical work in the engine to the amount of heat consumed. The thermal efficiency of the engine is divided into two types: thermal efficiency and effective thermal efficiency. The indicated thermal efficiency refers to the ratio of the actual cycle indicated work of the engine to the heat of the fuel consumed. Effective thermal efficiency refers to the ratio of the effective work of the actual cycle to the heat consumed, and is an important indicator for measuring the economic performance of the engine.