The Naked Eye 3D Display Technology Introduction

- May 31, 2018-

Different from the traditional binocular 3D display technology, the naked-eye 3D display has a unique feature of its naked eye, that is, it does not require the viewer to wear glasses or a helmet to enjoy the 3D effect, and its realistic depth of field and three-dimensional effect greatly improve the audience. The visual impact and immersiveness during the viewing experience became the best display products for product promotion, publicity and video broadcasting.

Through this CES exhibition, KDX demonstrated to the world its achievements in technology, software and hardware as well as its unique and complete ecological chain, demonstrating the unmatched market competitiveness of Kant. The strong competitiveness supported by the technical strength and ecological chain has attracted the favor of Changhong internationalized enterprises and thrown the olive branch of cooperation. And Kangdexin is also aggressively promoting 3D applications based on the channels and markets of its partners. With this win-win cooperation, Kangdak will allow the world to see the strength of China's creation and the world. A new era of transition to 3D vision!