The Role Of ESP

- Jun 25, 2019-

The role of ESP

ESP includes Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Tracing Control System (TCS), Vehicle Dynamic Control System (VDC, Vehicle) Dynamic Control) These features.

EBD: Adjust the braking force distribution to prevent the rear wheel of the vehicle from locking first. In general, it will only be invalid if the module hardware fails.

ABS: Prevents the wheel from being locked. By calculating the vehicle slip rate, it is controlled near the peak adhesion coefficient, which is passive safety control;

TCS: Traction control system, the working condition is usually low to the road vehicle, the depth throttle, the drive wheel slips, TCS sends out the request engine to reduce the torque and slightly applies the brake, so that the vehicle starts smoothly, the current calibration vehicle can reach the snow and ice The full throttle on the road starts smoothly;

VDC: Vehicle dynamic stability control system, which mainly corrects the understeer and oversteer of the wheel by actively boosting a single wheel. TCS and VDC are active boosters, which means that the brake line can be pressurized without applying brake pedal force.