The Role Of Oily Water Separator

- Sep 02, 2019-

The role of Oily Water Separator

A machine that separates oil and water, usually used by ships to treat sewage. Because of environmental requirements, the sewage generated from the ship machinery space in the rivers and lakes must be treated. The working principle and work of the oil-water separator system Process: 1 water enters by AOD pump (gas diaphragm) --> 2 flow control valve enters --> 3 first stage honeycomb chamber, water rinse, due to many tight honeycomb-like compartments inside it, on the water flow During the process, tiny particles in the water settle in the honeycomb chamber, and the wastewater flows into the --> 4 mesh cloth water hole (5/32") into --> 5 adsorption chamber and extraction chamber, and the water flow enters the liquid filter medium composed of JT57. Oil adsorption chamber, in which oil and grease are adsorbed in large quantities and extract a large amount of complex heavy metals, organic matter, TSS, BTEX, PCB and many water contaminants. Then the water flows in the adsorption chamber and goes up -> 6 second level In the honeycomb chamber, the water flows through the second-stage tight honeycomb-like compartment, three times for upward and downward flow, and the remaining trace oil will be collected and floated in the upper part, and the water flows into the --> 7 clear water chamber, and finally the water passes through the clear water chamber. Discharging portion while in a second stage to remove cellular compartment and water chamber cloth remaining traces of oil skimming oil to the outside of the storage vessel is provided at its top by a skimmer.