The Role Of Producer

- Apr 08, 2020-

The role of producer

The biological classification of producers is mainly various green plants, including chemical energy synthesis bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. They are autotrophic organisms. Plants and photosynthetic bacteria use solar energy for photosynthesis to synthesize organic substances. Chemical energy synthesis bacteria use certain The energy released by the redox reaction of substances synthesizes organic matter. For example, nitrifying bacteria use chemical energy to synthesize organic matter by oxidizing ammonia to nitrate.

Producers play a fundamental role in the biological community. They assimilate the energy in the inorganic environment. The amount of assimilation is the total energy input into the ecosystem and maintains the stability of the entire ecosystem. Among them, various green plants can also be Provide a place to inhabit and breed. Producers are the main components of the ecosystem.

Producers are the bridge connecting inorganic environments and biomes.